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Individual and Business Tax Returns

 RJK, LLC is also always ahead when it comes to tax returns because of the complex codes, room for interpretation, and different rules for various situations.

  Filing a tax return is one of the most complicated financial tasks for individuals and any size of business.

Get ahead of any tax obligation and regulation with RJK, LLC helping you with your tax filings under any fiscal period (monthly, quarterly or yearly.)

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Budgeting and Cashflow Management

Preventing a shortage of cash is possible with  forecasting  of  cash receipts and  cash expenditures that  occur during a certain time period.
 Whether you need to reduce costs and/or wish to improve the management of  your working capital, RJK, LLC can help you.

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Analysis of Financial Statements and Projections

As financial performance should be every business's top priority, RJK, LLC undertakes all the work with open and straightforward feedback. When financial review occurs on an ongoing basis; decision makers gain better insight which can enable a more effective business management.

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Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

Whether it is  accounting supervision for one day per month or large-scale outsourcing services, with fiscal discipline primarily in the area of accounting controls, processes and procedures...

RJK, LLC is capable of undertaking all types of bookkeeping and payroll services with a thorough understanding of accounting, tax, commercial and labor law.

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Contractor's Financial Statements 

Too many financial details to prepare for your licensing application?   RJK, LLC can help you to get those numbers as clear as they can be for submission.

RJK, LLC is also an  expert in financial statements required for Professional & Vocational Licensing,  and licensing of any construction project valued at $1,000.00 or more (labor and materials included.)

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Richard Kehoe, MBA, CPA

Owner of RJK, LLC is an  independent CFO with more than 20 years of small business experience in all stages of developing a business including set up, management and exit from a business.

RJK, LLC is more than a CPA firm providing services with expertise  and hands-on knowledge. 
RJK, LLC is also your trusted partner with  strong working ethics of confidentiality.

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